Baby W Update: 38 Weeks

We’re coming in to the home stretch! Only a little longer and Andy and I will have a son. Totally crazy! Anyways, things are going well. Still getting good reports from the doctor and all that. Andy will be back in town from his LAST camp of the summer on Wednesday (the 4th of July). I’m anxious for him to get back…that way he is just here if I end up going into labor.

Here are some photo updates (they’re thumbnails so you can click them to view them larger…if you didn’t know :)). Here are the explanations:

#1 – The cake from my first shower that my mom & grandma threw me. It was perfect so thank you to them! (the cake is a replica of the invitations that my cousin Meghann made!)

#2 – Me at said shower.

#3 – Andy applying the wall decals we got for the nursery. He did an amazing job.

#4 – The nursery mostly done.

#5 – #8 – Some maternity photos Justin did for us – he did an AMAZING job. But we all know he’s the best ;). Yes, we did the cheesy hand heart photo – do you know how hard it is to come up with maternity poses??!!

#9 – Our church threw us a phenomenal shower as well – this is a photo of the guys playing a hysterical game.


2 thoughts on “Baby W Update: 38 Weeks

  1. Jill says:

    1. You’re gorgeous. 2. That cake is amazing 3. The stenciling is amazing. 4. Did I mention you look gorgeous?

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