Baby Announcement: Landry Alexander 7.26.12

Hello all! I’m going to try and get a blog post knocked out while our little dude sleeps. (fun note: I started this 4 days ago and now I’m resuming). We finally had our son, Landry Alexander Williamson, a week late on July 26th, 2012 @ 1:33 am. He was 7lbs 15oz and 20″ long. Here’s a brief summary of how it all went down (no gory details, don’t worry):

Our doctor suggested we only go one week overdue and then at that point he would induce me. So as we got closer and no baby was showing up, we scheduled for me to be induced on Wednesday the 25th. I actually went into early labor on Tuesday night but it wasn’t anything too significant. So we showed up Wednesday night to Wesley to get the party started. I was SO LUCKY to have my friend Kellie come in to be my nurse. She is simply amazing. It seemed like things were progressing along a little so they started the medicine that gets labor going. Within 30 minutes or so, however, we started having issues. Each time I’d have a strong contraction, Landry’s heart rate would drop. Long story short, they tried several things to get that to stop but nothing was working. The possibility of a c-section was getting more and more likely so I went ahead and got an epidural so that I would be pretty much ready for the procedure. For the record, getting an epidural isn’t really painful….I’d do it again ;). The issue with Landry’s heart rate was persistent so the doctors were consulted with and pretty much everyone suggested that I go ahead and deliver by c-section. So we got all prepped, Andy got operating room ready, they wheeled me down, and anesthesiology did some more work to get me ready. I won’t go into detail with the procedure except to say it was pretty scary being awake and knowing what they were going to do to get the baby out. Andy watched the doctor pull him out and said it was CRAZY. The words “big baby!!” kept being thrown around and I was thinking “um…HOW BIG?”. When I heard the weight I didn’t think that seemed so big :). I got to hold him for a minute while the doctors finished up. It was definitely surreal. I have to give props to Andy for being an all star by keeping me calm and reassuring me constantly. It was pretty awesome. Also, my nurse anesthetist Jennifer (right??) was really amazing too. So reassuring and sweet!! (post cont’d after a few photos…..)

Landry on the scale showing the world his pipes.

Me holding my son for the first time. Crazy!

Andy being a proud dad πŸ™‚

Landry’s first Instagram photo taken by Uncle Justin

So that was the story of Landry’s birth :). Because of the circumstances we had to stay in the hospital longer but I was determined to get my butt up and out of bed ASAP. I got up out of bed that afternoon and tried to stay as mobile as possible. The worst thing about having a baby that way is not being able to move around very well to take care of said baby!! Not to brag, but all my nurses and doctors were very impressed with how quickly and easily I got up and moving. I think I should thank my trainer at the Y for helping me get in “pre-baby” shape because that probably helped a bit. Anyways, Andy and I powered through a couple days at the hospital before being sent home a day early (hallelujah!!). Everything they say about all the hormones and your first couple days home are true…it is a frustratingly teary time :). Time creeps by and you drive yourself crazy worrying about every little thing. But it slowly gets better and before you know it you are nicely settled in and much more relaxed! Another “thank you” to Andy on that note for being patient, understanding, and very caring when I was almost intolerable.

Being a mom is totally cool. My mom was right that at first you think “WHAT ON EARTH DID I DO???” but that goes away (haha) and it is definitely rewarding. I am proud to say I have read over 150 pages in a fiction novel (my favorite pre-baby pastime) and have stayed up to date on the KStew/R-Patz scandal so the little guy hasn’t totally changed me. Andy is an amazing dad and I love listening to him talk to Landry about all sorts of things. My favorite moments so far have been watching Andy play guitar for Landry and sitting in our glider playing my favorite music and singing along while Landry hangs out. He’s going to be the next John Mayer on guitar. Just you wait. To all my friends who are currently pregnant and approaching this experience – it is great – it is also really hard and at times scary but those feelings pass. Having people tell me that is the only thing that got me through the first 4 or 5 days!!

Thank you to our parents, Nurse Kellie (!!), all the staff at Wesley, my sister in laws for all the various support (laundry, dishes, essential baby supplies, advice, and the moral support!), Misty and Jerry for being Landry’s godparents, my 3 older brothers for not killing me before I got to have a child, all the great-grandparents who have already snuggled Landry, Kristy J. and Ginger for letting me bug you at all times with baby questions and making me feel normal(ish), our friends for all the nice comments and congratulations, everyone who has brought us food!, and all the people I’ve forgotten. Small side note of thanks to my totally amazing mom and dad for encouraging me and giving me a great example to parent by!

An “outtake” from Landry’s first photo shoot with Justin…this is just an iPhone photo.

Sunday morning hanging out with mom and dad.

If you wondered where the dark hair came from, that’s a baby photo of me on the right…I had dark hair when I was born.

Andy & L in the hospital

Not the best picture of Landry πŸ˜‰

One of our first nights at home

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3 thoughts on “Baby Announcement: Landry Alexander 7.26.12

  1. Sheryl Christians says:

    What a nice write up!!! You are so blessed!!! CONGRATULATIONS, again!! I’m so happy for you guys!!!

  2. Congratulations, all of you.

    And trust me: for at least the first twelve years (maybe longer, but I don’t know yet) you’ll still occasionally go “What on Earth did I do?” Also, you will still now and then be compelled to make sure they’re breathing.

  3. Megan says:

    Yay!! So happy to hear about your experience and that you are both healthy and happy. He really is beautiful. I love all the pictures and can’t wait to see how he grows. Boys rule! πŸ˜‰

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