Beating Death

Here’s my Easter lesson for the day.

NEEDTOBREATHE’s new album “Rivers in the Wasteland” came out this week. Despite sounding like a bleak dystopian novel, it’s actually quite positive and refreshing. I am not a huge fan of Christian music. Much of it (not all of it) lacks the musical ingenuity I find in secular music. It also often lacks the honesty I hear in secular music. There are a few Christian bands that I do enjoy and they’re typically the ones that are a little more honest and aware of themselves. Also, I’ve seen NEEDTOBREATHE live twice and they are in my top 5 live acts. They’re phenomenal.

So Andy bought me the new NEEDTOBREATHE album this week and I have listened to it pretty constantly. Thursday morning it had me in tears in my car on the way to work. Then that evening I attended Friends University’s monthly worship service where Patrick Sehl preached. He mentioned that ever since he was very young, music has affected him deeply in that way. Big shout out to Patrick for using secular music with honest, poignant lyrics in his Easter message. It definitely drew me into the story. If you get a chance to hear Patrick preach somewhere, don’t hesitate, just do it. His delivery is unique and engaging.

Anyways, all this rambling nonsense to say that I found my Easter message this morning in NEEDTOBREATHE’s song “Difference Maker”. It says:

We are all transgressors, we’re all sinners, we’re all astronauts

So if you’re beating death then raise your hand but shut up if you’re not

I particularly love how they wrote “BEATING” death instead of “if you’ve BEATEN death”. Beating is a much more accurate representation of life. Some days you are doing a great job beating death and some days you are inviting it to take up residence in your life.

Since Easter is all about beating death through Jesus’ sacrifice, I feel like that lyric was particularly relevant this morning. That’s all :).



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